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17 Aug


·         HOLY EUCHARIST, 8:30 am

·         CHORAL EUCHARIST, 10:30 am

REMINDER ~ Your Truth and Reconciliation Committee has arranged a visit to the Woodland Culture Center Museum and virtual tour of the Residential School in Brantford. Time is 1:00 pm and date: August 26. I was advised that we will probably be there from 1:00 PM until 3:30 PM.  I suggest we meet at the church at 12:00. Please let me know if you will be joining us. Please call the office or go to:

SACRED CIRCLE DANCE is cancelled for Aug. 25th.

STEWARDSHIP NOTES: if you are interested in ensuring that St. James continues to be an active place of worship, mission, and fellowship then you are interested in Stewardship. Stewardship is not only about raising funds to maintain the building and pay the staff. Stewardship is about returning to God some of what you have received. Not just your financial resources, but by using your gifts and abilities to help in areas of interest to you that we the congregation of St. James are involved in. Also, and most importantly Stewardship is about taking time to come to worship, to learn and to grow in your faith so that you are able to draw on the peace of the Holy Spirit to help you in your daily life and in your ministry. Tuesday, August 15th at 7:00 pm in the parlour, like-minded people are meeting to make plans to implement  how we might engage our members helping to grow the ministry.

CALL TO UNITY UPDATE: Several people from St. James met with a group from St. Paul’s United in June. Each of us talked about our backgrounds and our encounter with the others denomination. We learned how much our two congregations have in common when we listed on chart paper all of the activities and ministries which take place in each congregation during the year. This is the list of things that we looked at what we might share together; Treat St. James and St. Paul’s as multi-staff getting staff together in August to plan the coming year or in the fall to look at the winter/spring/summer programme ahead ,Plan studies together – Bible and other – learn about each other’s histories … local/ denominational, Joint music event, Clergy to coordinate holidays so we can each meet in the other building with the priest/minister of the “visiting” church presiding, Lent – Tuesday morning communion and breakfast – do that together, Joint mission project – Canadian Foodgrains Bank …, Support study/ action of the Right Relations group that has already formed, Ellen Osler has profile in both congregations (St. Paul’s is in conversations about shared space with EOH), Fun time – invite the other over – or meet somewhere – British pub night, Get the Happy Gang (St. Paul’s) and the Games Group (St. James) together sometimes, Lunch and Learn together … after worship  — this fall Ellen Osler, Project Ploughshares … other in winter/ spring …, Youth – Routes needs places for drop in each night of the week, A “progressive service” – beginning one place and ending in the other, Intentional joint presence in wider Dundas community gatherings (HFHT, Dundas  Works), Remission our buildings … as St. Paul’s is exploring with Ellen Osler Home … could one building become the Dundas Seniors Centre on the model of Ancaster Senior Achievement Centre or Sackville in Hamilton, Young adults … extend invitation to Anglican young adults to join those gathering already …  Next Meeting:   Tuesday, September 19, 2017 – 7 pm – St. James Parlour   Speak to Jean if you are interested!

SUMMER OFFICE HOURS ~ The church office continues to be open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9am to noon.

GOOD FOOD BOX DAY will be on August 25th.  Please let us know if you want to order one. 

BODY & SOUL is every Tuesday morning 10-11:45. Participants experience mild exercise, a tea break and discussion group of various speakers. Cost is $2.00. Twenty to thirty people come from this church and beyond. All are welcome. Some programs coming up are: Sept.12 – “Neighbour to Neighbour” and Sept 19 – “ The owner of Edens Restaurant on Main St. On Oct. 3 – “Lil Stewart talks about her travels and shows slides”, Oct.17 – Dr. Lindsay George, Gerontologist, speaks about her work and her hope to fill the gaps in our Dundas Health Care, Oct.24 – Deidre Sperry, Speech Language Pathologist, will discuss her work and how it applies to us, Oct.31 – Val Sarjeant  shares his ideas about how Dundas can develop a Senior Centre.

MEALS ON WHEELS could use a couple more deliverers once a month on Thursday mornings – it isn’t a long job (less that 90 mins.) but very worthwhile. If you are just able to fill in for emergencies that would also help. Please contact Pat Carson if you are interested. 


GAMES AFTERNOON first & third Monday afternoons of the month at 1:30 pm. Next up is August 21.


OUR SUPPORT HELPED!! ~ Please continue to bring “a can a week” through the summer!

USED POSTAGE STAMPS have value as they are sold by the Leprosy Mission to raise funds for treatment of that terrible condition.  Let us keep collecting them.


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