St. James’ Parish Choir

SJD Choir2 June 2012St. James’ Parish Choir (shown here in spring 2012  with the parish Clergy and Director of Music) serves the Sunday Choral Eucharist at 10:30, 4th Sunday Choral Evensong and important special services, such as around Christmas and Easter.  It helps to lead congregational singing and offers anthems, motets, canticles and other music to beautify the liturgy and touch the hearts of those who hear.

This welcoming and diverse community is open to anyone who likes to sing and enjoy other people, while learning about church history and culture through beautiful music, old and new.  

Along with the professional leadership of St. James’ Director of Music, the St. James’ Parish Choir employs professional section leads to encourage the singing of all its members, and to expand the group’s musical scope and possibilities. 

The Choir meets to rehearse in the basement Jefferson Room (outside entrance down the west wall down the memorial garden steps) on Thursday evenings, September to June, from 7:30pm to 9:00pm, and then one hour before each service it sings.   Contact the Director of Music for further information.

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