What is Sacred Circle Dancing?

Sacred Circle Dancing is a gentle healing way to bring body, mind and spirit together by moving rhythmically in a circle. The circle is a symbol for unity, for community.

Where does it come from?

Back in the mid seventies an extraordinary German Ballet Master, Bernhard Wosien, who had a passion for Folk Dance, took some of the dances he had collected on his travels through Europe to the spiritual community of Findhorn in Scotland. He intuitively knew that these dances contained energies that are much needed now in the world, and would help heal the rift between humanity and the Earth, the separation between us and our roots. It is as if these old dances contain a code, a code which Bernhard saw as now time to break so that their healing power would be available to help us through these huge changes on the earth.


The ancient dances of Europe fused with the new Aquarian energy at Findhorn and ‘Sacred Dance’, as it was then called, was born. From those early days, when Bernhard passed on the old dances together with some of his own choreography, to a committed few at Findhorn, the Dance has spread worldwide.


To create a sense of well-being and communion with others, inviting a sense of wholeness and sacredness into our lives; moving together in unity, beyond words to that still, silent point within ourselves.


“What I have realized after a lifetime with dance is that dance is meditation in movement, a walking into silence, where every movement becomes prayer”   by Bernard Wosien, the founder of Sacred Dance in Findhorn Scotland.


“The purpose of the Dance is to join with something greater than ourselves (in the sense of a wider community but also something greater than the personality self – the whole Self).  Coming into the circle we move from self and our individuality into an experience of a bigger whole, something we ourselves create and that we share equally.”  From “Circle Dancing” by June Watts

When – 4th Friday of the month – Sacred Circle Dance is open to everyone.

Facilitators – Bev Hattersley, Susan Hancock, Selina Millett. Marilyn Robbins,   Donna Rutherford, and Shoshona McGill.


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