What We Do

When the whole idea of “church” started, there were no buildings – just people living, working, and giving to the communities they lived in.

St. James’ and its town of Dundas have been blessed with a unique and inspiring building at 137 Melville Street,  but our church at its heart is really not a building, but a group of people living, seeking, growing in faith and trying to give to the world around them in the way Jesus did.

This part of St. James’ website is not about St. James’ – you can visit About Us for that information – rather, it is devoted to work in our town and for our planet; if you, whatever your situation or circumstances, are like us drawn to GIVE in this way, Contact Us.

Our concept of service is this: 1) gather together, 2) reach out to people, and 3) care for our world.  We meet to understand what we are trying to do together, we then live our gift of help to people that need us (but often don’t ask), and give to our earth what it too needs (and which if we listen, it always asks.)

Services – we meet regularly to understand why we’re here and to stay focussed on what we’re here to do.

Outreach – who can God gift through us, and how can we deliver that gift in our neighbourhoods?

Environment – a priceless gift is our planet-home:  let’s repay what we can’t… because we must, and because we can!

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